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Two Cents on The State of the Union

At what point should a president realize that it just hasn’t worked out as he had planned; that he is going to be incapable of delivering what he told himself he wanted?  Did Barack Obama not understand, before he took the oath that there were powerful forces at play in this land and that their interests are not those of the people, and, giving him every benefit of the doubt, not those of Barack Obama?  Where was Barack in 1994 when the insurance lobby spent $300 million dollars, by one account, to defeat Clinton’s mess of a healthcare bill which was in its essence a series of gifts to the very companies that paid that money?  What explains the administration’s utter lack of preparedness for the fight that has been going on for the first year of his presidency over healthcare? Continue reading

Questions For Mc Cain

1. One assumes that you, Senator Mc Cain, would agree that committing American forces in a war is the most serious decision and the most substantial test of judgment faced by any president.
2. The record suggests that even today you concur with the Bush-Cheney decision to go to war in Iraq.
3. One assumes that you agree that the reasons employed by the Administration to create support for the war were largely concocted lies vigorously sold as the truth, or premises founded on willful ignorance, sold equally vigorously. Continue reading

Keith Olbermann, Special Comment

I think that Edward R. Murrow would be applauding loudly, that in the midst of the cowered sheep of American mainstream media, a voice of outrage speaks his mind, looking straight into the eye of power. Keith Olbermann may bring a tablespoon too much sanctimony to the dish for everyone’s taste, but anyone who denies themselves these moments, cheats themselves of an opportunity to be uplifted by a public act of courage. The depth and breadth of the spine that it takes to engage in such talking of truth to power is difficult to gauge, not sitting in the chair in front of the cameras. Quite considerable, I am thinking. Continue reading

Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

Dear Senator Clinton,
It  is very easy to be a dispenser of advice.  It is very easy to suggest selflessness on someone else’s part.  It is extremely easy to advocate a courageous stand when one’s own backside or reputation or historical achievement or marriage does not hang in the balance.  In the event there is doubt about any of these claims, keep reading. Continue reading

What Obama Won’t Say about Hillary, and Maybe Shouldn’t

Hillary is a member of the power elite. Her husband has been a member the Trilateral Commission since at least 1991 and the two have attended the Bilderberg Conference, one hundred and thirty or so inhabitants of the world’s most rarified air. Those groups have been driving the interests of Empire since they were created. They are peopled by the most powerful and fantastically wealthy human beings on the planet. They conduct their business in utter secrecy. As groups they have been worried, almost to the point of saying so, about the problem of democracy since the 1960’s. They are the global status quo, and every one of their members and associates have benefited enormously from the vast and growing inequalities in all of the world’s countries. Maybe Hillary will act against her fellows’ interests. Continue reading

Defeating Hillary with Democracy

Moments of turmoil and chaos are moments of opportunity. George Bush and his war in Iraq have presented this nation with its most difficult moment in seventy years. The next election may be seen as our chance to climb out of the coffin. Yet with this election we are offered the possibility of maybe an even more abominable abyss. Hillary Clinton presents herself as our savior. Almost nothing could be further from the truth. Continue reading

Proposed Senatorial Announcement Speech to African-American Church

Here is the speech that would have kicked off my candidacy in 2007 or so.

Everyone has the right to wonder what I am doing here.  The leaders of this community have given me an opportunity to speak.  They know that I have begun a journey.  They know that I am driven to make that journey because of who I am, and what I believe, and the way I was raised.  I am unable to rest. I am pushed and prodded and provoked and propelled to act, and I know that you will give me a fair hearing. Continue reading

Chomsky Vs. Will

Chomsky vs. Will

I don’t know if Noam Chomsky can catch a baseball.  It is not what he is known for.  Actually, I don’t know if George Will can catch a baseball, but he knows baseball; has written at least one worthwhile book about baseball, and I have sat behind him at a baseball game.  That is where I got the idea. Continue reading

The Bonds Rule

The Bonds Rule

Baseball is an opportunity to share in Americana.  When I walk into a ball park, no matter its size or location, the level of play, the age of participant, I feel better.  I often wondered why.  It is certainly, for enthusiasts and former practitioners, no matter how unskilled, a delight to watch a baseball game, where tension and excitement can be found or ignored at the spectator’s choice.  But I have come to believe that finding one’s seat, or even before that, at the first glimpse of the infield, bestows upon such as I, a sense of good fortune unavailable any place else.  Has it to do with the rest of the world’s state of disarray, or the impermanency of life, or the crumbling form of our nation’s institutions?  It is not the buildings to which I refer, but the values that, it was thought, drove the public discourse and protected our historic trajectory as the world’s leading democracy. Continue reading

Reagan Democrats and Revolutionary Strategy

Reagan Democrats and Revolutionary Strategy

It has been proposed that the only way for the Democratic Party to achieve an electoral majority in this country is to attract the Reagan Democrat back into the fold.  Allow me to disagree.  The Democratic Party has had an electoral majority since November 2000 when the strategy of James Baker and the misguided tactics of Al Gore joined to enable the Supreme Court to bestow upon George Bush, brazenly and mendaciously, a tainted presidency.  The strategist in 2004 was probably the same.  The result was a stolen election, and, if anything, the Democratic majority had grown a point or two.  These being the facts, Reagan Democrats, if they voted or voted republican, are apparently not essential to the stated goal. Continue reading