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My name is Bill Veale.  I have decided to run for the United States Senate, and I am seeking your support.  After a lot of reading, I have come to the conclusion that the attacks of 9/11 were in essence an inside job perpetrated at the highest levels of the U S government.  I have done my best as a private citizen to demand action from my elected representatives and from opinion leaders throughout the country.  There has been no satisfactory response; in fact there has been what I regard as an apathetic silence, almost without exception.  Since no one else has seen fit to make the events of 9/11 the focus of a Senatorial campaign, and because Senator Dianne Feinstein’s response to my entreaties has demonstrated ignorance, or apathy, or complicity, I have decided to give the people of the State of California the choice to elect a leader who thinks their government has betrayed them in the most unspeakable manner, and who thinks that the fight to expose and bring to justice all those responsible is more important than anything else that he is capable of doing.

Any reasonable person would ask why I feel up to such a challenge.  The answer proceeds with uncertainty as the forces arrayed against this endeavor are the most formidable ever congealed on the planet.  They are more powerful than any one man’s ability to conceive much less prevail.  The only force equal to that which wields power at this time in history is an outraged, demanding, and united people. 

To the extent that my qualifications may bear on this struggle, they consist of thirty-one years as a public defender in Contra Costa County, California, the Bay Area county just east and slightly north of San Francisco across the San Francisco Bay.  I have been a leader all of my life in one small way or another.  I grew up in the country outside of Baltimore, Maryland, was fortunate to receive an outstanding education at a private high school in Baltimore, went to college at the University of Virginia, and law school at the University of Maryland. 

I moved to California in 1973, passed the Bar and began my life’s work as a public defender.  I was supervising a branch of the office by the age of 33.  In 1993 I was chosen to lead the first Alternate Defender Office in the country to handle felony cases.  I will retire as a public defender at the end of March, 2006, having tried many, many cases, including ones where the prosecution sought the death penalty.  I taught Criminal Trial Practice at Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California for eleven years.

I have come to say that I have spent my life trying to get people to do things they haven’t wanted to do, from prosecutors to judges to juries to colleagues to students to clients, and , of course, my own children.  I have been speaking in public for three decades for a living.  I have been analyzing evidence and conducting investigations for all of that time, and of all of the characteristics missing in the United States Senate, the ability to get to the bottom of things, seems to me the most pronounced.  I would hope my tenacity in the face of obstruction and dishonesty would propel me to be as relentless in the pursuit of truth as the citizens of this State and nation deserve.

I enter this race because I am convinced that the most outrageous atrocity ever committed on American soil took place with the connivance of, if not at the instigation of, the leaders of the United States Government.  No one should take the word, even of an experienced trial lawyer, for such a notion.  I ask each person who considers supporting me to do as much studying as they are able to do.  The books and the scholarly articles are available to all.  I will, however, seek to give a synopsis of the evidence which I have found convincing, which I have in turn conveyed to Senator Feinstein asking for some effort at rebuttal.  These inquiries have produced nothing.

It is a sad fact that many Americans are unaware that three large buildings collapsed that day.  World Trade Center 7 collapsed at 5 pm, never having been hit by any airplane.  The governmental inquiry conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology claims that the building fell because of fire.  As it did, it became the third steel frame building in history to collapse because of fire.  The other two collapsed seven and eight hours earlier and were the World Trade Center Towers.  Though they were in fact struck by large aircraft, there was, at the time, no suggestion that the impact of the planes had caused any instability in either building.  Those towers were actually subjected to similar levels of force regularly due to simple weather conditions involving high winds such as exist at the altitude of their highest floors.

It is fair to say that the three buildings were the first such to collapse as they did in the history of construction, that they did so all at the same place, all on the same day, all at freefall speed, contravening the law of conservation of momentum which would predict somewhere between 30 and 90 seconds instead of the 12-15 it took the towers to end up in small piles, had there in fact been resistance to the collapse at each floor, and all falling with perfect symmetry into their own footprints, a feat only a handful of firms in the world can accomplish with precisely placed high-powered explosives that can create temperatures up to 5000 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is also fair to say that the ruins were transported away before any sort of criminal investigation could be conducted.  There remain, however, extremely important photographs, as well as statements by rescue and other officials, that establish the following crucial facts:

  1. There was molten metal in the basement of the ruins establishing that the temperatures achieved during the course of the disaster were substantially over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit as steel melts at 2770 degrees Fahrenheit.  The propellant capable of producing the highest temperatures inside any of the towers would have been the jet fuel which burns only to 1750 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is conceded by all those who have studied the incident that the vast majority of the jet fuel burned up outside of the towers just after impact.  It is further conceded that the hottest fires burned for no more than ten minutes, a substantially insufficient time frame for the melting of steel had the requisite temperature been achieved.  It is essential, as well, to recall that steel conducts heat away from the source, further limiting the possibility that any jet fuel fire of such short duration could have been the explanation for the molten metal.
  2. There are infrared satellite photographs taken weeks after 9/11 that show hotspots with temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. There are photographs of yellow-to-orange-hot pieces of steel being lifted by heavy machinery, again weeks after 9/11.  This fact establishes temperatures or 1700 degrees Fahrenheit or more.  There is no explanation for the contents of the building burning to such temperatures for that length of time that does not include the use of explosives that can produce temperatures as hot as 5000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. It is undeniable that the forty-seven steel core columns that were at the center of each of the towers were severed into lengths of between 30 and 50 feet.  There is no reasonable explanation for the cutting of steel under these circumstances that does not include explosives.  The use of acetylene torches or carbon steel blades can be ruled out with confidence.  Thermate is an explosive that can cut steel at an instant.
  5. Senior level firefighters at the scene, as well as others of lower rank, heard explosions and saw damage done by explosives.
  6. The penthouse to World Trade Center 7, the building not hit by an airplane, is demonstrably the first part of the building to collapse, but the video footage shows no fire anywhere near it.
  7. The top of the South Tower, above the level of airplane impact, begins to fall over about an hour after being hit by the airliner, achieving a 13% list.  Rather than continue falling over as gravity and momentum would dictate, it explodes into vast clouds of dust.  The size of the dust particles and the quantity of dust from both of the collapsing towers have been analyzed and shown to be consistent with ten times the amount of energy potentially stored in those two collapsing, burning buildings had gravity been the cause of their collapse.
  8. There are squibs, puffs of dust and debris, including pieces of steel of varying sizes, readily visible on the video footage, being ejected from the sides of the buildings as they are collapsing.  This is further evidence of severed steel, the only explanation for which is the use of explosives.


According to the government explanation, the airplane that struck the Pentagon was flown by a terrorist named Hani Hanjour.  In addition to the fact that his flight instructors considered him incompetent and barely able to fly a Cessna, there is overwhelming evidence that American Airlines Flight 77 never hit the Pentagon at all.  Consider the following:

  1. As the air traffic controllers were watching the aircraft that approached the Pentagon, some commented that its maneuver suggested a military plane.  The radar tracking devices showed an aircraft diving from 7000 feet while turning 270 degrees.  This path enabled it to hit that part of the Pentagon that had recently been reinforced and which was least inhabited insuring that the smallest loss of military life would be sustained.  The aircraft hit the building, not in its top which would have provided the largest possible target as well as the greatest devastation, but while flying parallel to the ground, without disturbing even a single blade of grass.
  2. There was no black box or other piece of a Boeing 757 at the crash site that could be identified with Flight 77.  A circular piece of engine was found inside of the Pentagon, but its dimensions are not consistent with a Boeing 757, but rather an A3 Sky Warrior  jet fighter plane capable of firing missiles.
  3. The hole that was produced in the Pentagon extended diagonally through the outer three rings of the building, but the outer wall shows no damage where the thousands of pounds of steel that made up the engines, flying at hundreds of miles an hour, would have come into contact with it.
  4. Though the hole created may have been large enough to accommodate the nose of a 757, the only possible substantial mass in a 757 capable of penetrating such a reinforced wall is, in fact, the engines and not the nose which is comprised primarily of computer equipment and plastic.
  5. Tests have shown that jetfighters flown into reinforced walls can disintegrate on contact.  Had that been the case, there would not have been the penetration of the three rings nor the 7-foot-in-diameter hole found where the projectile pierced the inner wall of the third ring.
  6. The photographs, taken shortly after the crash, show the small hole in the outside wall, and no airplane whatsoever.
  7. There are witnesses who heard the crash, but none refers to the loud noise of a 757 flying overhead at the height of a telephone pole.


There is an enormous amount of additional circumstantial evidence that is consistent with the theory that the highest levels of government were responsible for what took place on September 11, 2001.  To make brief reference, the official story includes multiple acts of incomprehensible and unusual negligence all serving the same function, to allow the attacks to be successful.  At some point, an observer must conclude that such coincidental negligence in fact isn’t.  I have reached that point based upon the extensive reading that I have done, but I rely primarily for my conclusion on the laws of physics and the extent to which the official explanation transgresses them.  Therefore, I will not seek to bolster what I consider to be an undeniable case with what various observers may see in different ways.  If what is set out above is insufficient evidence for one reader or another, it is probably because of the existence of a belief system which does not allow for the idea that the leaders of this country are capable of the conduct of which I accuse them.
Other individuals, who may profess an open mind concerning these questions, may be unable to accept what an analysis of the physical evidence demands because of a need to avoid the conclusion that it is a tyranny under which we live, and there is nothing that can be done to change that fact.  It is to these people, most especially, that I seek to offer hope.  Once we grasp the nature of our condition, but at the same time recognize that there is action that can be taken to improve it, the veil can be lifted from our eyes and the overwhelming and disheartening truth can be seen.  It is my opinion that we do indeed live in a time of tyranny, where the most powerful nation in the world has relinquished democracy.  The forces in power rule with complete control over virtually every aspect of our existence.  It has now become time for the citizens of this country to treat their predicament as other patriots at other times, in this and other countries, treated theirs, with courage and complete and undeniable determination.  If we as a people must stand before the tanks, it is our children who will reap the benefits and our memory that will provide strength for whatever struggles they may encounter.  I do not seek martyrdom or anything like it.  It is my belief that once our unity has been demonstrated, the democratic processes which had served us for so long will reassert themselves, and those in power now will be cast out, we a better and stronger nation for it..

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