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Proposed Senatorial Announcement Speech to African-American Church

Here is the speech that would have kicked off my candidacy in 2007 or so.

Everyone has the right to wonder what I am doing here.  The leaders of this community have given me an opportunity to speak.  They know that I have begun a journey.  They know that I am driven to make that journey because of who I am, and what I believe, and the way I was raised.  I am unable to rest. I am pushed and prodded and provoked and propelled to act, and I know that you will give me a fair hearing. Continue reading

Reagan Democrats and Revolutionary Strategy

Reagan Democrats and Revolutionary Strategy

It has been proposed that the only way for the Democratic Party to achieve an electoral majority in this country is to attract the Reagan Democrat back into the fold.  Allow me to disagree.  The Democratic Party has had an electoral majority since November 2000 when the strategy of James Baker and the misguided tactics of Al Gore joined to enable the Supreme Court to bestow upon George Bush, brazenly and mendaciously, a tainted presidency.  The strategist in 2004 was probably the same.  The result was a stolen election, and, if anything, the Democratic majority had grown a point or two.  These being the facts, Reagan Democrats, if they voted or voted republican, are apparently not essential to the stated goal. Continue reading