What Obama Won’t Say about Hillary, and Maybe Shouldn’t

Hillary is a member of the power elite. Her husband has been a member the Trilateral Commission since at least 1991 and the two have attended the Bilderberg Conference, one hundred and thirty or so inhabitants of the world’s most rarified air. Those groups have been driving the interests of Empire since they were created. They are peopled by the most powerful and fantastically wealthy human beings on the planet. They conduct their business in utter secrecy. As groups they have been worried, almost to the point of saying so, about the problem of democracy since the 1960’s. They are the global status quo, and every one of their members and associates have benefited enormously from the vast and growing inequalities in all of the world’s countries. Maybe Hillary will act against her fellows’ interests.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, it could be said, betrayed his class by instituting the programs of the New Deal which were designed to help the middle class and the less well-off in this country. On the other hand, the other choice may have been violent revolution, in which case he simply allowed the game to continue, then to be exploited with shocking rigor at the expense of the poor and middle class, beginning with the presidency of Ronald Reagan. In order to act upon the thought that Hillary Clinton may mean to revert to the policies of FDR, it seems appropriate to require of her the admission that her husband’s policies, with which she is associated, did nothing of the sort and were never meant to.

Hillary was blessed by the influence of her very wealthy friends and when she was young, she made $100,000 by trading on the futures market. At the very least she must dispel suspicion by acknowledging that it looks like she and her husband were being purchased.

It has been written that Hillary was on the verge of being indicted for billing irregularities at the Rose Law Firm when Kenneth Starr found Lewinsky’s blue dress and decided to go for the gold, the President. There is nothing in Hillary’s history that tends to persuade that she wasn’t one more breathtakingly arrogant lawyer with an overwhelming ambition to power.

She presided over Travelgate and Filegate and at one point had the crust to suggest that papers simply appeared after being lost for a considerable time. She appears to feel, as her husband most certainly does, that she can lie without consequence. Had a robust political backlash not taken place, Mr. Clinton would today be deriding “fairy tales” about Obama’s principled rejection of the war in Iraq and still smirkingly suggesting that Obama was similar to the Jesse Jackson of ’84 and ’88. Hillary was forced to make a mid-course correction having to do with the use of her husband as attack dog. Though it isn’t demonstrated by this particular decision, so outrageous was the conduct of her husband, she is as capable of reading the political winds as anyone; it is the only reason she has ever done anything, and the war in Iraq is the premier example.

She swallowed Cheney’s case for war without reservation, a lapse in judgment, given his history, that it is hard to overstate. Cheney and his crew have made no secret of their imperial designs since “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” was published in 1998. Having presided over the theft of an election in 2000, one must ask why Cheney’s words would be the ones you would mimic as you proclaim your vote for the use of force. There is an answer to that quandary: Hillary Clinton is a tool of empire who believes in the projection of American power around the world every bit as much as the neo-cons that now have that power.

It may be that the unnecessary bombing of Belgrade and Kosovo before diplomatic efforts were exhausted, were mistakes according to the wife of the man who carried out those policies, but Hillary has done nothing to distance herself from them. Her record on the war shows her standing strong beside the most militant of her colleagues until her political viability began to be called into question. While she now says her vote was a mistake in hindsight, based on faulty intelligence, she has yet to own the mistake as John Edwards has done. There is nothing in Hillary’s tenure in the Senate that is not consistent with her thirst for power and the prerogatives of Empire.

At some point in Hillary’s career she ascended to the Board of Walmart. It would be hard to find an American multinational corporation more emblematic of the disasters of US labor policy in the last forty years. At that time in her life, there existed an opportunity to, if not get something done for the American worker, at least to make a record of one’s interest in championing their plight. I would ask Senator Clinton to point to one moment of which she is proud, that shows her allegiance to the cause of labor. There is nothing there, nor should we expect there to be. Hillary Clinton is a member of the power elite. Bilderbergers don’t make common cause with the working class..

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