12/28/07, 9/11/01, Where the Hell are we?

The ends of years have always been the cause for some backward looking. The past twelve months have provided some insights into the nature of the rock that comprises the sheer cliff that those of us who believe that the government was complicit in the attacks of 9/11 are trying to scale. Very hard to get a handhold. But then Eisenhower had no idea how the guys he put at the bottom of the cliffs of Normandy were going to get to the top. He just knew that if he put brave men there, they would get the job done. One bridles at the comparison, but on the other hand”

Some very brave people have taken a stand in the last year. Richard Gage is a pretty mainstream looking, acting, and sounding architect from San Francisco. He has multi-million dollar buildings in his portfolio. He took a look at 9/11 and the fall of the three buildings that day and is now directing Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, AE911truth.org. He has spoken to thousands at this point; his presentation is riveting and indisputable; and his website leads us all to the core conclusion that the theory of controlled demolition, as opposed to being unworthy of one investigative dollar, stands like Gibralter gazing with serenity at the fleets of naysayers in the waters below.

David Ray Griffin, author or editor of now five books on the attacks, has put before us, “Debunking 9/11 Debunking,” and it is hard to imagine a more critical bit of reading for those with the stomach for it. Sadly, one must acknowledge that the proponents of the official story have managed to create the “battling experts” syndrome. Every move they have made has been masterful, and this latest is a tribute to everything Edward Bernays ever taught us about public relations manipulation.

The astute, but time- and energy-challenged among us are unable to wave away a claim as profoundly disturbing as the one the Truth Movement embraces. They must inquire. Their innate skepticism girds them well against the now, quite stunning array of allegations. And then there is all that science. You can”™t have molten iron or steel as a result of a jet fuel fire, Truthers claim. Physical impossibility, they say. It is unclear how long that particular notion stops most people in their tracks, but the engineers of the cover-up have vast resources at their disposal and legions of believers unwilling to break through to their own skeptical impulses. And, these many are more than willing to carry the torch for normalcy, and decency, and reason.
Articles and books are written; the History Channel leaps in; (see elsewhere on this site) and battalions of credentialed academics are there to be quoted. They are disdainful, mostly, but there is occasionally a dash of empathy for “these people” who suffer from a need to believe that the great events of their lives must have been caused by forces larger than, say, Lee Harvey Oswald, or nineteen unknown suicide hijackers. One has to pay very close attention to discern that the talking heads are not talking about the two most important facts: molten metal and thermate.

David Griffin is a scholar, and he is not dissuaded or deterred by the mountains of material that must be read and digested in order to refute it. “Debunking 9/11 Debunking” does several things that must not be overlooked. First, it leaves no paragraph unresponded-to. When the supposed “definitive” history of the conversations between the FAA and NORAD are published in an article in Vanity Fair, with such self-satisfaction and assurance, it takes a Griffin to patiently put the lie to virtually every single word. The selectivity of the release of material and the tortured reasoning that claims to end the discussion are undressed and set on a pedestal for intense scrutiny. As are every claim by all who dared, or who were paid, to pick up a sword.

Second, Griffin establishes with precision that the operation was as sophisticated as it is possible for a human to conceive. He demonstrates that layer upon layer of cover-up were part of the original conception; that fundamentally, the most important film of this century was one made in the last, “Wag the Dog.”

It is a comfortable refuge for the moderately engaged, that place of dueling experts. It is a neverneverland that allows us to accede to the unknowable. After all, who is to say which of these stern faces with long and impressive resumes is correct? It is most assuredly a fact, that if that is the depth of one”™s analysis, the purveyors of grandly accepted fiction who cling to the lie upon lie of the 9/11 Commission Report will have achieved their goal. It is almost a kind of sick justice that they, too, will have to live with the devastation.

Griffin is not about to let that happen without a fight. It should be a duty of citizenship to read his book, but just remembering Arthur Conan Doyle”™s directive to “discard the impossible and whatever remains, however improbable, is the truth,” can be that buoyant piece of flotsam that saves our souls. It is certainly improbable that things are as Truth proclaims. But molten metal and thermate without explosion are”¦you get the picture..

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