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12/28/07, 9/11/01, Where the Hell are we?

The ends of years have always been the cause for some backward looking. The past twelve months have provided some insights into the nature of the rock that comprises the sheer cliff that those of us who believe that the government was complicit in the attacks of 9/11 are trying to scale. Very hard to get a handhold. But then Eisenhower had no idea how the guys he put at the bottom of the cliffs of Normandy were going to get to the top. He just knew that if he put brave men there, they would get the job done. One bridles at the comparison, but on the other hand” Continue reading

Crop Circles and the New York Times

Crop Circles

There are times when I am astounded by the openness of my mind.  I dismiss almost nothing outright.  There are those who say this is what qualifies me for certain labels.  According to them there needs to be a border around the conceivable.  Apparently an acknowledgement of that border is a prerequisite to normal social interaction.  Failure to give it its due is to beg for silent derision. Continue reading