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Robert Caro and American History

Robert Caro is a dinosaur, and we should be thankful.  So we have it from no lesser than Charles McGrath on the cover of the New York Times Magazine.  Caro’s work is brilliant.  So we have it from former President William Jefferson Clinton in the cover article of the New York Times Book Review.  In appearances all across America’s media, Robert Caro is praised and saluted for his most recent installment, the fourth, of his proposed five volume work on Lyndon Baines Johnson, who, according to Caro and most of the rest of the world, brought us as a nation so much good, though he may not have been.
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Robert MacNeil and the Mainstream Media

Back in the 1980’s some of us were driven to political activity.  We were children of the ‘˜60’s, had marched against the war in Vietnam, cheered deliriously at the removal of Richard Nixon, and sunk into a deep depression through Ford and Carter.  Once you learn that there is serious evil in the world, and that it can reside in the hearts of your very own elected leaders, you are scarred forever. Continue reading