Common Disaster Motif

What do the following pieces of history have in common other than many dead bodies?  The Breivik  island retreat shooting in Norway 2011, the sinking of the Estonia in the Baltic Sea in 1994, the 7/7 bombings in the Tube in London in 2005, the explosive downing of TWA Flight 800 in 1996, and the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001?  The answer is that in each instance there were military or state security apparatus exercises taking place at the same time which in four of the cases involved the scenario which resulted in the enormous loss of life.  In other words, there were hijacking and planes-into-buildings episodes being used for training purposes on 9/11.  There were bombings on the Tube being trained for in London, and a bombing and shooting being trained for in Oslo.  The military exercises involved at the time of the Estonia sinking included a bomb onboard that took place the day before and a 10 day NATO air and sea rescue exercise that began the day the ship sank.  The exercise was inexplicably no help whatever to the 800+ now dead passengers. The exercise that was in progress at the time TWA 800 exploded involved a destroyer off the cost of Long Island.  One benign theory supposed the testing of a missile that was supposed to be able to distinguish between a passenger airliner and an enemy target, but on this occasion didn’t.  At some point one must jettison contorted mental efforts that can’t imagine governments killing their own.

Maybe these facts by themselves should provoke action, but when combined with the actual physical and testimonial evidence available in the cases, they are every nail that any coffin could possibly require.  The symmetry between the scores of eyewitnesses who saw a missile take out Flight 800 systematically ignored or disregarded, and the vanishing from history of the countless witnesses-118 firefighters as the lowest possible number-who saw and heard and felt explosions in the Twin Towers before and as the buildings were destroyed allows one to consider, if it doesn’t demand the conclusion, that Flight 800 was a test of the ability of the acting powers to manipulate the mainstream media in preparation for the main event, alive in some mind at that moment or not, I don’t know,– 9/11.

I would love to be able to understand how facts such as these are equably digested without the merest hint of unease..

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