A Quick Study of 9/11 Facts

Essential Facts for Anyone Who Is Interested

1. There are many eye and ear witnesses to explosions at the towers, but I will cite just a few here. Lt. William Walsh, FDNY, was on a gas leak call on Canal Street. He heard a loud explosion, thought it was Con ED, looked up and saw the first airliner fly into the North Tower. He went there, found burned, dying bodies in the lobby, saw the huge marble panels blown off the walls, and found the doors to the elevator shaft that goes from the 6th subbasement to the 30th floor, and no higher, blown off their hinges. This is clear evidence that there was an explosion involving the elevator shaft at some point lower than the 30th floor.

2. William Rodriquez, a janitor in the building for twenty years, was in the 1st subbasement when he felt an explosion below him and then, a few seconds later, an explosion far above him. The second proved to be the first plane crashing into the North Tower.

3. Philip Morelli, a construction worker, was on one of the subbasement floors when he was knocked off of his feet twice, by two explosions, seconds apart, one of which destroyed walls in the parking garage.

4. Mike Pecoraro, a machinist, was on the 6th subbasement floor when he heard and felt an explosion. He went up to his machine shop on the 3rd subbasement, and found the shop, a fifty-ton press, and a three hundred pound door reduced to rubble. This was all an hour or more before the building came down.

5. The seismograph at Columbia University records an incident nine seconds before the first plane hits the North Tower and another at the time of impact according to the NTSB. A third incident is recorded twelve seconds before the second plane hits the South Tower, and a fourth at the time of that impact.

6. Ginny Carr taped a meeting that morning at 1 Liberty Plaza. Very clear on the tape is a first explosion that has one participant at the meeting asking what that was, and a second explosion, nine seconds later, that is the first plane hitting the North Tower.

6. Jannette Mackinley had an apartment near ground zero whose front window was broken by the collapse of one of the buildings. For some reason, an artistic impulse, she collected some of the dust. When she learned that there was a physicist doing a study, she gave him the dust. The physicist, Dr. Steven Jones, conducted tests and found concentrations of zinc, manganese, and sulfur that were consistent with the use of an explosive, thermate, and inconsistent with any other theoretical explanation.

7. An aunt of a dead student from a small college in upstate New York went to a memorial that was going to be constructed out of rubble from ground zero. There was a pile of scrap from which she removed a handful. She gave it to Dr. Jones who found similar levels of the same residue that he found in the dust.

8. There is a photograph of the end of a steel beam with an extremely jagged edge that is consistent with the results of a thermate explosion.

9. There are pictures of yellow-to-orange hot, molten metal in the rubble consistent with the extreme temperatures that accompany the use of explosives and inconsistent with a jet fuel fire.

10. Multiple experts have now written papers establishing that the buildings, all three, came down as a result of controlled demolition. They cite the pouring molten metal easily visible on videos, the squibs blown out below the level of the fire, the speed and symmetry of the collapse, the movement of the antennae, and penthouse in the case of WTC 7, at the initiation of the collapse, the quantity and size of the dust particles, and numerous other factors. See Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, at ae911truth.org.,

11. The site of the crash of United Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pa. is unlike that of any other plane crash, a hole in the ground and nothing else.

12. The Pentagon, presumably defended by sophisticated weapons systems, was hit, according to the government, by a jetliner flown by an incompetent pilot, Hani Hanjour, who decided to change course in the last two and a half minutes of flight from a path that would have allowed him to hit the top of the building, which would have provided the largest possible target and the greatest possible devastation, or Donald Rumsfeld’s office, to a path, after a 300 degree turn and dive from 7000 feet, an acrobatic maneuver for such a plane, that allowed him to fly into the side of the building, the smallest possible target, that was under construction having been recently reinforced to withstand attack, ensuring the smallest possible loss of military life, while flying parallel to the ground.

13. The flight path described by the 9/11 Commission Report is consistent with downed light poles outside of the building and the damage caused inside the building, but completely inconsistent with the flight path described by the NTSB and its analysis ofFlight 77’s black box. That analysis is corroborated by the group Pilots for 9/11 Truth, and four eyewitnesses to the approach of the plane alleged to be Flight 77. That flight path, north of the Navy Annex and the Citgo Gas Station, would not explain the downed light poles or the damage inside of the building, not only for the path as described on the ground, but also for the altitude at which the plane was flying at the time it approached the building. The Pilot’s analysis indicates that the plane would have missed the building altogether, but in any case is inconsistent with the frames of video released by the Pentagon showing something flying into the building at ground level.

14. Norman Mineta was called to the PEOC at the White House where he found Vice President Cheney in charge. A young man entered the room shortly after Mineta arrived and told Cheney that the plane was fifty miles out. The man reappeared several times, announcing the distance had decreased to 30, 20, and finally 10 miles. With this last information, the man asked Cheney if the orders still stood. Cheney turned abruptly and said “yes, the orders still stand, did you hear something to the contrary?” Mineta testified to the 9/11 Commission that he thought the orders were to shoot down the plane. When it hit the Pentagon, Mineta assumed that the intercept had failed. No questions were asked about the Pentagon’s defenses, and the Commission found that Cheney had not been in the PEOC at the time without mentioning Mineta’s testimony.

14. An E4-B, flying command center, one of four in existence, was videotaped flying over the White House at the time of the attack on the Pentagon. The Defense Department has refused to acknowledge or explain this fact.

15. World Trade Center 7, the 47 story building housing offices of the SEC, CIA, and FBI collapsed at 5 pm on September 11, 2001, having suffered significant, but survivable damage from the collapses of the towers, in addition to several small fires. The penthouse, near which no fires burned, is visibly the first part of the building to go. The collapse is a precise replica of a controlled demolition, a fact noted by Dan Rather and Peter Jennings on national television. Though after five years the government has no explanation for the building’s demise, many scientists and structural engineers, including Drs. Bachmann and Schneider from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, have concluded that its collapse was the result of controlled demolition. The statement by Mr. Silverstein, the leaseholder, that the decision was made to “pull it,” (the building), does nothing to end the debate. Denials that this term is used to refer to controlled demolition are disproven by a taped phone call at the time of the final demolition of WTC6 where that precise word is used by one of the workmen. Silverstein held the lease for less than a year and made in excess of $6 billion dollars on the insurance policy. Recently, a first responder named McPadden has admitted that he overheard the contdown to the demolition of WTC 7, and was told to keep quiet about it. There is no mention of the collapse of WTC7 in the 9/11 Commission Report.

15. If the three buildings met their ends as the government suggests, they were the first three steel-framed buildings in the history of mankind to collapse as a result of fire.

See scholarsfor911truth.com and its sister site journalof911studies for the actual studies..

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